On morals and values

In Barbados, I have seen young adult and middle-aged women wearing clothes that reveal their brazierre straps. It looks tacky and sends the message to our young girls that the practice is accepted in our society. I say to you: you are wrong and each time that you display a practice that borders on the lowering of our Barbadian  morals and values, you are saying to us that you have no pride in yourself or the societal norms and values of yesteryear that are still relevant today. May your Master Within bring you into his Light in order that you may raise your level of consciousness and be the best example that you can be for our young girls to follow.


We are all citizens of the spiritual world, our human self is but secondary in nature. Let us focus our thoughts on our spiritual self and remain in contact with the Master Within who will guide us in accordance with what is good for our higher evolution.